‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Turns 40 And Paramount Is Celebrating

Well look who’s turning 40!  The iconic character of Indiana Jones.  “Raiders of the Lost Arc” blazed across movie screens for the first time on June 12th, 1981.

Directed by Steven Speilberg and starring Harrison Ford, the film is considered by most to the greatest action-adventure of all time.  “Raiders of the Lost Arc” was a blockbuster of gigantic proportions earning 390 million on a 20 million budget, snagging 5 Oscars, and spawning 3 sequels.  The fourth starting filming this past week.

Of course, fans know that snakes are the one and only thing that “Indy” fears. Find out some of the most unusual facts about the movie, its cast, and what made the movie truly magical here:  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-features/harrison-ford-george-lucas-steven-spielberg-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-karen-allen-4167772/