COVID Vaccines Could Become Needle-Free

Doctor making insulin or flu vaccination shot by syringe with dose of medicine subcutaneous arm injection inoculation to a woman isolated on a white background

By @emilyontheradio

As of right now, the best vaccine you can get is the one that’s available to you. So far, those are all vaccines via injection that have to be stored at very specific, cold temperatures, but that may not stay the case.

According to New York Post,

“Six to eight new immunizations may be ready for regulatory review by the end of the year β€” some of which don’t require needles and can be stored at room temperature.”

If you’ve ever had the flu “shot” with the nasal spray, this wouldn’t be a totally new thing to you. The vaccine could become oral, nasal, or even a skin patch. And the temperature thing could help waste less vaccines in the future.

Until that happens, we got the needles and Twitter users haven’t been super bothered by them.