California Mom’s “Side Gig” Gets Her Children Expelled From School

OK, this story is just “messy” to say the least, and I’m not gonna take sides or pass judgement……I’ll just break it down for you as easily as possible.

First, let’s discuss OnlyFans……OnlyFans is a subscription based social media platform where users can sell various photos or images to subscribers only.  And yes, these photos are usually “risque”……and I think you know what I mean by “risque”…..right?  We’re talking about photos where you’re wearing nothing but a smile and your tattoos……

A mom in California has an OnlyFans account and goes by the name of “Mrs. Poindexter”……She and her husband enjoy taking the photos, and are raking in “big bucks” monthly with the account…..

Problem is, parents in the community are not happy, and have had her kids expelled from the Catholic school they attend.

So, that’s it in a nutshell……to read the full story, see some photos of Mrs. Poindexter, and hear her take on the story, just CLICK HERE/NYPOST.COM…….