Yesterday, My Dog Proved Why He’ll Never Be An FBI Drug-Sniffing Dog

Some towels we ordered finally arrived yesterday. As I brought the bag inside, I smelled the distinct odor of marijuana. Nice. Guess the delivery driver needed his morning fix. So I tossed the bag back in our laundry room so as not to stink up the whole house. Later that afternoon when I came back home, I walk in to find that bag was torn open by our 12 year old puggle. Now he has never torn a package open, so this wasn’t like him. A couple of the towels were sticking out of the bag, and as I picked them up, I see a large pool of DOG PEE under the bag! And there sits our great drug-sniffing dog. Okay, so since he’s part beagle, I get it that the pot scent on the bag was driving him crazy, but why the pee? Pretty sure that drug-sniffing dogs don’t spray a golden shower all over the evidence on ‘Law & Order’.

On the upside, our puggle is available for rent if you’ve got a teenager you don’t trust. He’ll gladly check out their room, but you might wanna have a roll of Bounty paper towels handy~