Tonight Is The Final Jeopardy! Show With Alex Trebek…A Look Back At His Legacy

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)


Tonight is the final Jeopardy! episode with longtime host Alex Trebek. The show was taped back in October, while Trebek was still managing his pain from cancer. He didn’t stop. He kept hosting right up to the end, when he passed in November of last year. This week, Jeopardy! has been showing the final episodes with Trebek at the podium. Tonight will be especially emotional for fans and I’m sure the production team and producers who worked on the show with the beloved host. I commented several times on the Morning Show that it will be impossible to fill these shoes. Trebek had timing, a sharp wit, and the ability to poke fun at himself. He also connected with listeners on many levels. Countless contestants would comment while on the show how Alex had a personal impact on their life. One man said he learned English watching and listening to Alex. And many fans have chimed in on social media talking about how they looked forward to his program every weeknight. For some who are shut-ins, TV is their only outlet for human connection. Incredible sad thought, but for them to say goodbye to a man they knew for decades is ever sadder. Of course, life goes on, and I believe Trebek would have wanted his fans to embrace the next Jeopardy! host the same way they welcomed him back in 1984. Thank you Mr. Trebek for the memories and your inspiration on helping to create a kinder world~

(source TODAY via YouTube)