Lindsey Buckingham Cashes In Big Time, Selling Publishing Rights To His Music!

                         (Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)


Lindsay Buckingham has apparently inked a deal to sell ALL of the rights to his 161 songs he wrote during his time with Fleetwood Mac, and that includes his solo work too. Uh, that’s a HUGE deal!! His one time love, Stevie Nicks also made her own deal recently and this appears to be the new trend for Classic Hits artists. Can you blame them? Stevie’s deal was worth upwards of $100,000,000 for handing over 80% of her music publishing rights! Details of Lindsey’s deal have been kept hush-hush, but I would imagine his payout is at least twice that of Stevie received. That’s INSANE money! Lindsey’s family is set for the rest of their lives, not like they were hurting before this phenomenal deal. But the London based outfit that created this deal isn’t foolish with cash. They realize the worth of Lindsey’s music, especially when it comes to selling the rights for it’s use in commercials, etc. It’s big business and companies like this have deep pockets/investors. So who’s next to cash in?


Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist is the latest classic rocker to offload his lucrative catalog:

Posted by Ultimate Classic Rock on Tuesday, January 5, 2021