It’s National Take Down Your Christmas Tree Day! Did You Know You Can Eat It?

Today is the unofficial day to take down your Christmas tree. For many of us who opted for the live tree, we’ve already done the dreaded task, only to be left with a pile of Blue Spruce needles and the poor tree laying by the curb. But did you know you can actually EAT your live tree?! There’s a cookbook called, ‘How To Eat Your Christmas Tree’ from a U.K. chef, who has provided several recipes including, Christmas tree ice cream, alcohol and fish dishes. Sounds like the perfect gag gift for that friend who is crazy about Christmas! Here’s how to order the book:

But a YouTuber takes it step further and shows you how to eat nearly ALL of your Christmas tree! The cones, the sap, even the branches! The Food Theorist does a great job showing all the foods and beverages that can be made using that old Christmas tree. Enjoy~

(source The Food Theorist via YouTube)