Think Tattoos Are Addicting? Check Out This Grandma From Germany!

A lot of people who have gotten a tattoo have returned to the shop for more “ink”…..In other words, they usually go back for a second or third tattoo……As a matter of fact, a lot of people who have gotten tattooed say it is “addicting”……

Case in point:  Kerstin Tristan from Germany.  A 55 year old grandmother.  She decided to get her first tattoo to add some color to her life.  From there, it became an obsession, or an addiction if you will.  She has spent over $35,000.00 over the last 5 years and has covered her entire body.

CLICK HERE/DESIGNYOUTRUST.COM to check out Kerstin’s tattoos…..she also has over 100,000 followers on instagram…, she might be addicted to taking “selfies” too…..but hey, if you’ve got it….flaunt it!