“A Woman Once Jumped From The Empire State Building And Survived”? Yes? Or BS?

“Yes” or “BS”?  It’s a segment Stu does every day in the 10am hour, and it’s a pretty easy concept.  He gives you a statement, and you try to decide whether it’s “true” or “false”……”Yes” or “BS”…..get it?

Anyway, today’s statement was:

“A woman once jumped off the Empire State Building…..and survived!”      Yes?  Or BS?

Actually, that’s a “YES”!  It happened to Elvita Adams back in 1979 and the story is nothing short of amazing!  You might even say it was “An Act From God”, or her Guardian Angels were definitely on-hand that day.

Read more about Evita’s story by CLICKING HERE/NYTIMES.COM…………