People Flipped Out In Jersey & Boston Over A UFO Sighting! Here’s What It Really Was…

Yesterday, people were losing their minds in New Jersey and Boston over what appeared to be a real UFO! The sightings actually shut down parts of a highway because motorists got out of their cars for a closer look! Turns out…it was a Goodyear BLIMP! It had its neon adverting message board glowing which made it seem so believable. Plus, with the kind of year we’ve been having, ANYTHING is possible! But leave it to social media to cause panic. Some posted it was a ‘sign of the rapture’! “END OF TIMES WERE NEAR!”.Β  Here are a couple of Twitter posts with video of the UFO, er, Goodyear blimp.

(source Derek Watson via Twitter)



(source Astroloxy via Twitter)