Looks Like No Shopping At Simon Malls On Thanksgiving Day

If you were planning on hitting the malls on Thanksgiving Day for great holiday deals, think again. Simon Malls has decided to join a growing list of other retailers in closing their doors on November 26th. So instead of fighting the crowds at the mall, you can stay at home and fight with your family over the big feast! Even before the pandemic, I, like a lot of people hoped that businesses would keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving. Give employees a break and a chance to be with family and friends. Because the very next day, Black Friday shoppers will be in search for the best savings. And then a couple of days later you have Cyber Monday, which I’m guessing will be HUGE this year! The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most of us to social distance, and what better way than buying Christmas presents from the comfort of your home. I know retailers are counting on Black Friday sales to get them back in the ‘black’, but this year, HOW? Flu season will be mixed in with the pandemic, so the last place I want to be is in a store with 200 other customers coughing and sneezing. That said, I will absolutely be supporting struggling retailers by shopping early and also shopping online.

(source WTHR via Facebook)