Your Favorite Ice Cream Says A Lot About You Apparently

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry Ice cream in the cone on white background with clipping path.

A new survey shows some weird stuff about you based on whether you prefer chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream. I’m not saying this is science, but it’s fun to see if it actually makes sense for your own personality…

Chocolate Lovers:

  • find love at age 26.
  • pick “truth” in Truth-Or-Dare.
  • watch rom-coms.
  • listen to pop, rock, and R&B.
  • are extroverted.

Strawberry Lovers:

  • find love at age 24.
  • enjoy doing laundry.
  • watch sci-fi movies.
  • listen to jazz music.

Vanilla Lovers:

  • find love at age 25.
  • pick “dare” in Truth-Or-Dare.
  • are introverted.
  • prefer dogs over cats.
  • are night owls.
  • would rather wash dishes than do laundry.

Did they nail it for you or was this an epic fail? I’m a chocolate fanatic and they pretty much got me.

See the whole report from Dairy Foods!