Would You Try These Hot Dog Rice Krispies Treats Covered In Mustard, Ketchup & Relish?! WHAT?!

Rice Krispies treats were invented in 1939 by a delightful little old lady named¬†Malitta Jensen. If she could see this new variation of her sweet treat, she’d probably be making the same face you are right now after seeing the Hot Dog Rice Krispies Treat. I found it on The Vulgar Chef’s Facebook page and I cannot wait to make them today! It’s your basic Rice Krispies treat mixture, but then it takes a very wacky turn when you add in some chunks of cooked hotdogs…then top it with ketchup, mustard and relish! Sounds nasty, but I’ll bet you a hundred dollars that it actually tastes GOOD! It’s the sweetness of the Rice Krispies treats, mixed with the saltiness of the hot dogs and mustard and ketchup. I’m gonna make them this afternoon with my 4 year old and see if they’re any good!

 (source The Vulgar Chef via Facebook)