It’s National Rescue Dog Day! Meet Greg Browning’s Dog, Oscar

Today is National Rescue Dog Day! I was fortunate to find this sweet Whippet/Terrier mix at the Indianapolis Humane Society a few years ago. His name is Oscar. Sweetest dog I’ve ever had. He is a HORRIBLE guard dog!…because he loves people so much. I highly recommend adopting a rescue dog if you’re thinking of adding a pooch to your family. You’re saving their life and they give so much back in return~

We adopted him when he was just a pup. He had two other siblings who were all white! When my wife and I went to the shelter to see what dogs they had for adoption, we saw Oscar and his sisters. Originally, we we eyed one of his sisters, but I thought we should go home and sleep on it. The next day when we returned, Oscar’s sisters had all been adopted and he sat all alone. My hesitation paid off, because he’s been a great companion.

(This photo was taken when I pulled into our vet’s parking lot. Oscar had swallowed A WHOLE SOCK! Luckily, they gave him medicine that caused him to…uh, bring it back up. And it was still intact, not in pieces. Sweet dog yes, but not the brightest bulb in the strand~

Napping with his buddy, Gunther, our 14 year old Puggle.

Taking a break on a hike. He’s the only dog I’ve had that if you let him off of his leash and then call him, he will come back. All the others I’m sure were just laughing when I called for them to come back.