Watch: Queen’s Brian May Loses His Temper And Tangles With Cameraman!

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Could Queen’s Brian May be facing assault charges over a recent run-in with a news cameraman? It took place earlier this week when Brian and the band arrived at the Brisbane Airport in Australia. They’re playing a benefit concert next week to help with the devastating wildfires. Ultimate Classic reports that Brian was signing autographs, again AT THE AIRPORT, when he sees a news cameraman filming him. That’s what set him off. Brian scolds the cameraman saying, “You gotta stop that because I ain’t doing this.” He went on to say, “All right, is this going to get ugly? Because you put it down now or else something ugly happens. Do you understand? You stop now. I’m serious, I’m deadly serious.” Now, I don’t know the laws in Australia governing how the media can cover celebrities, and I am NOT a fan of the paparazzi, but this seemed pretty harmless. And it was on public property, so the news agency should be able to film a report on a well known band visiting their country…especially one that was in town for a benefit concert. Brian doesn’t usually have the reputation for being a hot head, so maybe he was having a bad day. Doesn’t excuse his behavior though. I get it that many celebrities become exhausted over all the media attention they receive, even when on vacation. But it comes with the territory. Brian owes the cameraman, who happens to be a big fan of Queen, an apology. And he should pay for any equipment he damaged. 

 (source: comunitaqueeniana / 7 News via YouTube)