What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas Until CSI Digs It Up!


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or until
CSI digs something up!  One of TV’s biggest crime dramas is plotting a comeback! Finally! This might be bigger than when Geraldo Rivera went on live TV to open what he believed was Jimmy Hoffas tomb! 
CBS is looking to toast the 20th anniversary of one of its most successful franchises with a revival of the original CSI. The network is also in talks with original series creators Anthony Zuker and Jerry Bruckheimer to bring back the second most watched show in the world!
As for the cast, dance with the one that brought ya!  It’s rumored  producers want William Petersen, who led the series for 10 years as Gil Grissom.  What other stars from some of the other CSI franchises might make appearances?  Click here to uncover the scoop!​ https://meaww.com/csi-crime-scene-investigation-cbs-1-billion-franchise-original-cast-members-william-peterson