Is “Jesus Rolls” Spin Off Dudeism Worthy? Wow 22 Years Since “Big Lebowski”!

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“Jesus Rolls” is taking the wheel in the new “Big Lebowski” spin off. My question though- “Is it really dude worthy without “The Dude” one Jeff Bridges.                                                The story picks up with Jesus, John Turturo’s character, fresh from prison reconnecting with his best buddy, Petey, for a bunch of funny and very, very, bad decisions.  Christopher Walken, Jon Ham, and Susan Sarandon are also along for the ride.                                                 Wow hard to believe it’s been 22 years since “The Big Lebowski, starring the Dude, Jeff Bridges, first introduced us to the importance of “Careful man, there’s a beverage here”!  No word on whether The Dude will
be making a cameo appearance or not. Find out who and what’s been confirmed for “Jesus Rolls” here: