Watch: E.T. Returns To Earth In New TV Commercial!

It’s been nearly 40 years since we first met E.T. And now, he’s back! Check out this new ad from Xfinity titled, “A Holiday Reunion” where the space creature comes back to planet earth and reunites with Elliot, played by Henry Thomas. Of course, Elliot is now all grown up with kids of his own. Some are saying its a cheesy way for Xfinity to use the E.T. creature in a commercial. Why not a movie? Not so sure Spielberg would be on board with that idea, which is a good thing in this day and age of “reboots” and multiple sequels. THAT is more about money. I’m glad E.T. the sequel never came to light, but in this 4 minute ad, we’re given a little bit of nostalgia in seeing the lovable extra terrestrial back with Elliot.

 (source XFINITY via YouTube)