Ronda Rousey Almost Lost Her Finger During A ‘Freak Accident’ While Filming FOX’s 9 1 1

Ronda Rousey said she needed 9-1-1 herself after suffering a gruesome hand injury on the set of the Fox drama series “9-1-1.”
Despite breaking her finger when a boat door fell on her hand,  Rousey, 32, said she didn’t break character, thanks to her past martial arts experience of “never showing pain unless I’m supposed to.”

Tune in to see how well Rhonda can act like her finger didn’t almost fall off in this upcoming season of “9 1 1 ” on FOX.

The third season is set to premiere on Sept. 23. (Mondays at 8 ET.)​   Check out Rhonda’s ER scare here.. warning.not for those faint of the heart!