My 2 Year Old Had “A Christmas Story” Moment Visiting Santa

My wife and I took our toddler to see jolly old St. Nick yesterday. Let me first say that last year, Reed wanted NOTHING to do with Santa! Cried, kicked and carried on while sitting on Kriss Kringle’s lap. But again, that was last year. This year, now that my son is a little older, he had discovered the magic in meeting Santa. However, while on St. Nick’s lap Reed had a “Ralphie moment” from ‘A Christmas Story’. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, Reed had a blank stare on his face and froze up! On the ride there, Reed was chattering up a storm telling us how he wanted new dinosaurs for Christmas. But when the big moment arrived, he was a (rein)deer in the headlights. As a first time dad, it was really cool to see my boy on Santa’s lap, believing in this magical time of year*