Flirting? No, He Just Thought She Looked Like Buzz Lightyear!

(photo:  creativecommons/“ABC project: L for Lightyear” by Fitzchev is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 )

Talk about a bummer!  A gal from Valparaiso, yes, right here in Indiana, thought her personal trainer was flirting with her and possibly going to ask her out when he asked for her phone number and asked to take a photo of her.

WRONG!  Turns out he thought she looked like Buzz Lightyear, he photoshopped her face onto Buzz’s, and wanted to send it to her.  Well, she has a good sense of humor about it and posted it on-line.  What do you think?  Does she look like Buzz?  Go to MASHABLE.COM to see the photos…..