Local Liquor Billboard Removed After Complaints…Seriously?!

(photo source WTHR)

“Liquor. Cheaper Than Therapy. You’re Welcome. Sav-On Liquor”. That’s the message that was on a local billboard here in Indianapolis. I along with many who saw this, chuckled. However, some weren’t laughing because they felt it was making light of alcoholism and how it was a better solution than therapy. So a petition was started and the Indy based liquor distributor caved and removed it. 

It was a joke! Tongue-in-cheek humor. Not meant to be taken LITERALLY! Who hasn’t made a joke after a hectic day at work that they need several stiff drinks to ease their tension? I’ve jokingly said out loud to my toddler, “Son, you’re driving your mommy and daddy to drink!” When did we lose our sense of humor as a society? I certainly understand the seriousness of addiction and the importance of therapy to help anyone through any difficult life situation. But I also believe there’s a knee jerk reaction that if we don’t like something we think “IT MUST BE STOPPED OR REMOVED!”. How self important to think that way. I’ve caught episodes of the sophomoric and controversial TV cartoon, ‘Family Guy’ and been highly offended. Did I call FOX network or the FCC? Nope. I switched the channel. I get it, we as a society are responsible to speak out when we see things that we feel are harmful to the majority. As the saying goes, pick your battles.  -Greg Browning

(source WTHR)