Paid Parking Times Extended Until 11 PM Downtown And In Broad Ripple

Well, thank goodness for Sundays. That will soon be the only day that you don’t have to pay to park at meters downtown and in Broad Ripple. There has previously been no standardized parking times—some meters went until 9 PM while others ended at 6 PM. According to the Indy Star, that’s all about to change.

Now you will have to pay to use metered parking Monday-Saturday between the hours of 7 AM and 11 PM. So, basically at any point in the day except the early morning. One positive is that all meters will be on the same schedule so there is no second guessing. But, you will basically always have to pay to park on metered streets with the exception of Sundays.

The new parking enforcement rules are expected to bring in an additional $800,000 a year. The city plans to use that money for panhandling and homelessness, as well as a new street sweeping initiative. Additionally, the speed limit in some areas downtown will also be reduced to 25 MPH.