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Indianapolis born and raised and a proud Pike High School grad! 


I am a die hard Indiana Pacers fan. My love for the team dates back to childhood. Our family had season tickets when the team started in Indy in the ABA days. Many of the Pacer greats lived in my neighborhood growing up including George McGinnis, Mel Daniels & Darnell Hillman (for the record, Darnell had the best candy when we went trick or treating as kids)


I studied fashion in college in Chicago. One of my dorm mates actually played a role in my path to radio. I was the only one who had a car & I would drive my friends around Chicago with music blaring – it was music I always handpicked and I took so much pride in it. One day my friend finally said “you should be a disc jockey on the radio” a lightbulb went off, I switched schools and graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Radio


I don’t have a green thumb. Plants don’t stand a chance with me. I’ve always wanted to plant a vegetable or fruit and have it thrive. Hasn’t happened yet. Suppose there is still time.


Dogs rock, live music rocks, kind people rock and you ROCK for listening to 104.5 WJJK all day and all night. 


Aerosmith To Launch Vegas Residency!

“Deuces Are Wild”….coming to Las Vegas! Aerosmith has announced a residency at the MGM in Las Vegas that will begin on April 6th, 2019.  The band will be playing 18 shows through April, June, and July with tickets ranging from $75 to $750! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! (Photo: (By Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class…MORE


Tributes To Aretha Franklin From Fellow Musicians To World Leaders

    With the passing of Aretha Franklin, so many beautiful tributes have been posted on social media… The loss of @ArethaFranklin is a blow for everybody who loves real music: Music from the heart, the soul and the Church. Her voice was unique, her piano playing underrated – she was one of my favourite…MORE


Your Tattoos Might Help You Land A Job?

Remember, back in the day, if you were to get a tattoo, you wanted to make sure you could hide it if necessary because you were afraid your boss would frown upon it…..or if you were interviewing for a particular job, that anchor on your forearm would definitely hurt your chances…. My, my, my, how…MORE


Remember “Ginger” From Gilligan’s Island? Check Her Out At 84!

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale….a tale of a fateful trip…….That started on this tropic shore…aboard this tiny ship…” The name of the ship was the S.S. Minnow, and the TV show that theme song is from is, of course, Gilligan’s Island.  And you remember the castaways, right?  The Skipper, Gilligan, The…MORE


Before You Go To Sleep, Do You See You Spouse Or Cell Phone Last?

Think about that question: What’s the last thing you look at before you go to sleep at night?  Your significant other?  Or your cell phone? According to a new survey, 25% of people say it’s their phone!  I guess most folks spend about 40 minutes on their phone just messing around before they go to…MORE


After 25 Years, Check Out New Music From Steve Perry!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard any music from ex-Journey frontman, Steve Perry………but the wait just might be over! The other day, Steve posted a message saying:  “I know it’s been a long time coming….” But the other day, Amazon listed an album called “Traces” with a release date for October….but then they…MORE

Roger Daltry

The One Song Roger Daltrey Hates To Perform Live Is ?????

When it comes to musicians…..whether you’re in a band or a solo performer….all musicians seem to have one or two songs they HATE to perform live! It could be the fact that some of these artists have been performing the song for 30+ years, it could be the fact that they are simply bored performing…MORE


Beware: Rabid Beaver Attacks Family On Kayak Trip!…Dad To The Rescue!

     So much for a quiet, scenic kayak ride for a Pennsylvania father, daughter and their dog. A rabid beaver apparently wasn’t ready to let them cruise through his neck of the woods. SPOILER ALERT: this does not have a happy ending for the beaver~   (source and Featured Image from WPMT/Fox43)MORE


Join Stu For The “Saturday Nite Hair Ball”

Just what the Dr. ordered for your Saturday night….a nice, big, healthy dose of OUTTA CONTROL ROCK AND ROLL! And that’s just what Stu brings to the table every Saturday night in the WJJK Saturday Nite “Hair Ball”.  It’s the perfect soundtrack to your wild and crazy Saturday evening…. And tonight, we’ll bring that sugar…MORE

Disney Princess

Princess Makeovers For Adults? Yeah, Even Villains and Galatic Charachters!

Disney World has offered “Princess Makeovers” for kids for quite some time at their amusement park. Now, it’s time for Mom and Dad to get in on the fun!  Disney World now offering princess makeovers for adults….And don’t worry, Dad, you can join in on the fun as well, with a iconic villain makeover, or…MORE


Groom Stops Taking Wedding Photos and Saves Person From Drowning

Zac Edwards was celebrating his wedding day with his wife, Cindy, at Orange Beach, Alabama….you know, laughing, having fun, and taking wedding photos. Well, same day, same time, on that very beach, a high school student was swimming and got caught in a rip tide.  No lifeguards on the beach. Well, this high school student…MORE

Teddy here

Teddy Bears Made Of Raw Chicken? Yeah, You Can Eat ‘Em…

Can you say “weird”?  How about “bizarre”?  Maybe even “creepy”? A gal in Louisiana is selling Teddy Bears made out of……wait for it……. Raw chicken!  You read that right!  Raw chicken! She stitches together raw chicken parts to make the bears, and you can cook it and enjoy!  What a wonderful family activity!!!  (If you’re…MORE


Yikes! Texas Student Poses With 14 Foot Alligator For Grad Photos!

When it comes to graduation photos, students will come up with some pretty outlandish and crazy ideas to make that moment memorable.  I mean, skydiving, on a bridge, on a pier or boat, but hanging out with a huge alligator? That’s exactly what Makenzie Noland, a recent graduate from Texas A&M, did!  She wore her…MORE

Caitlyn Jenner

Will The Next Marvel Villain Be Caitlyn Jenner?

OK, All you comic book fans!  Watch out!  The next “bad a**” female villain on the big screen just might be………………. Caitlyn Jenner!  That’s right!  Caitlyn wants to play a female villain in a Marvel movie.  You know, the wicked queen or the wicked lady.  Caitlyn says just do the make-up and the make-up….the deep…MORE


Taking A Driving Test? Leave the Weed, Gun, and Cash At Home!

I swear, I swear,………I don’t make this stuff up! But, recently, a 22 year old man was arrested when he was attempting to take a driver’s test in his car.  Yeah, the problem was he had over a pound of marijuana, a scale, a gun, and about $15,000.00 in cash in the car. Needless to…MORE


Arizona Cardinals Have A $75 Burger That May Be Impossible To Finish!

       Think you could finish this $75 burger: 5burger patties, 5 all beef hot dogs, five bratwursts, 20 slices of American cheese, 8 slices of bacon, 8 chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and sauce?!! Does it come with a Pepto-Bismol chaser?  Who’s hungry? — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) August…MORE

Chicken here

Chicken Diapers? Oh, They Exist!

I know, I know, if you have pet chickens, you would LOVE to have them in the house with you…..right? Whatever floats your boat.  But, there is one problem:  Chickens are not house-trained and they just don’t have the intelligence to figure the house-training thing out.  So, what’s the solution? Chicken diapers.  Don’t laugh!  They’re…MORE


A “Cultural Atrocity”! Famous Cathedral Vandalized With KISS Make-Up!

When it comes to the band, KISS, it doesn’t matter whether you love them or hate them….that iconic make-up can be recognized a mile away. And sometimes, fans can be a bit “over-zealous” and not really thinking when they decide to “decorate” objects around town with the make-up from their heroes… Example:  A statue at…MORE


Wizards & Witches…Get Ready for ‘Wizard Fest’ Coming This Fall To Indy!

     Gen Con is one of thee biggest conventions in the Midwest that draws in hundreds of thousands to Indianapolis every year!…so why not a festival especially for Wizards! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you won’t wanna miss this spooky event!   (source CBS4 Indy’s Facebook page. Featured Image from Pixabay)MORE


The Latest Workout Craze: “Mermaiding”

Only one way to get into shape, right?  You gotta work out….the caloric intake has to be less than the calories burned…..And folks come up with a lot of different fitness “crazes”….the “flavor of the day” if you will….you know…different and unique ways to try to make working out fun.  (But, it all boils down…MORE


Today Is “National Night Out”…Here Are The Central Indiana Locations/Info

    Tonight marks the 35th annual “National Night Out” across the U.S. It’s a great chance for you to get out in your community and meet cops. Some neighborhoods will have parties with food and beverages. It’s also a good time to discuss safety and neighborhood watch programs. Here’s a list of locations throughout…MORE


Lynyrd Skynyrd To Release Live Album In September

OK Lynyrd Skynyrd fans!  If you miss the band out on their “Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour” this summer, there’s gonna be an excellent opportunity to check out the band live….(and yes!  You can still hold up your lighters and yell “Freebird” in the comfort of your home!) A live album from Lynyrd Skynyrd is to be…MORE


Watch: Man Challenges Buffalo At Yellowstone Park…Run!!

    Watch as this fool taunts a wild buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. Another visitor caught this stupidity on camera and posted it on social media. Authorities are investigating and remind people to NEVER attempt something like this. I call it, “thinning the herd” and not referring to the buffalo herd either~   (source…MORE


Today’s “Yes or BS”: What’s America’s Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream?

“Yes or BS” is a segment that happens daily with Steve Stuart around 10:20am. How it works:  Stu will give you a statement, and you need to decide whether it’s true or false….simple, right?  I mean you got a 50/50 shot at being right! Today’s statement was:  “America’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla”.  Yeah,…MORE


Richie Sambora And Orianthi Call It Quits…For Now

It’s been almost 4 years since Richie Sambora and Orianthi started dating, and now it appears the two guitarists are calling it “quits”. Why? CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER! (PHOTO: (By Twinsfan14 [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons) (Info:  TMZ/link)MORE


Remember ALF? He’s Coming Back!

Remember the TV sitcom ALF?   Yeah, “Alien Life Form”….it was the TV show with the furry little critter from Outer Space who crash landed in the suburbs and ended up living with the Tanner family. Well, ALF is on the way back…..Warner Brothers is developing a reboot of the show….just CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!…MORE

affection-backlit-beach-208000 (1)

Couple Seeks Videographer To Tape Their Wedding Night?!

     Getting a talented wedding photographer is important. You want beautiful photos of your memorable day of tying the knot, celebrating with your friends and family. But for one British couple, they’re taking it to the extreme, as they search for a videographer to tape their wedding ‘NIGHT’! Yep, the gig is from 1…MORE


A “Fantasy Island” Movie Is In The Works

Remember the TV show, “Fantasy Island”?  Yeah, “da plane….da plane”.  I mean, we all had our own fantasy that we wanted to live out on the island.  My fantasy was to be Gene Simmons from KISS and perform live, but that’s another story. Anyway….a Fantasy Island movie is in the works and will be based…MORE

Back To school here

What’s The Biggest “Back To School” Expense?

Hi ho, hi ho….it’s off to school we go! Yeah, it’s back to school time.  And that can be pretty expensive when it comes to everything the kid or kids plural will need for the school year. I mean, there’s supplies, backpacks, new shoes and clothes, backpacks, and more. But what will you, as a…MORE


Sorry Fellas, It’s “Women Only” On This Island!

Men.  Can’t live with ’em.  Can’t live without ’em.   But girls, there is an opportunity for you to get away from us…..for at least a little while! Talk about the ultimate “girls weekend” or ultimate “girls vacation”…. How about an island with no men?  Women only!  It’s possible…there’s an island off the coast of Finland…MORE


David Crosby Calls ABBA, “Dog Poop!”

     David Crosby apparently isn’t a big fan of ABBA…and that’s saying it kindly. Crosby was recently asked about the best bands he’s seen perform. He then let loose on the Sweedish sensation, one of the best selling groups of all time. Sorry David, you’re wrong. Millions of fans around the globe still love…MORE


Thieves Steal 3-Foot Shark From Aquarium In A Baby Stroller!

Great way to wrap up “Shark Week”! This really sounds like a cartoon or a very bad B-movie, but it appears three thieves stole a 3 foot horned shark from an aquarium in Texas the other day by swaddling it in a blanket like a baby and pushing it out in a baby stroller! These…MORE

Steven & Joe

Is Aerosmith Ready To Announce “50th Anniversary” Tour?

Aerosmith fans!  Set your DVR!  The “bad boyz from Boston” will be appearing on The Today show coming up on August 15th. The band will be performing and a lotta folks are thinking this would be the “perfect platform” to announce their “50th Anniversary Tour”??? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! (Photo: (By Julio Aprea…MORE

Skagerak Arena June 2009

A Day At The Beach With Elton John (See vacation photos here!)

And if you’re wondering who the gentleman is in the big yellow colored glasses being carried along the beach in Italy is….well, that would be Elton John. He and his family were on vacation recently enjoying the beach and boating, and Sir Elton needed some help through the sand at times, so his guards at…MORE


Bob Seger Themed Bar To Open In Michigan

If you’re a Bob Seger fan and you’re heading to Michigan sometime in the near future, you might want to check this out! A “Bob Seger” themed bar recently opened in Unionville, Michigan, and the idea for the bar actually originated back in 1967.  CLICK HERE to read more about the bar, and how a…MORE


Cowboy Boot Sandals? It’s What Cowboys Wear At The Beach!

Just when you thought the fashion world couldn’t get crazier….. Cowboy Boot Sandals.  Yeah, they exist!  They look just like cowboy boots, but they instead of completely covering your feet….they have straps.  Straps like sandals.  Perfect for those hot days on the ranch or relaxing days at the beach. Think I make this stuff up? …MORE


Watch: Neil Diamond Performs Special Show For California Firefighters

    450 firefighters who have been battling a huge fire in Lake Christine, California recently got a break from the dangerous conditions and a surprise visitor. Residents are grateful, including Neil Diamond and his wife Katie. Watch as Neil dropped by to show some love!  #trueheroes   (source and featured image from Lake Christine…MORE


What’s The Sexiest Lipstick Color?

Did you know Sunday, July 29th is National Lipstick Day? What color do you think is the sexiest when it comes to lipstick? How about most fun?  Maybe wildest?  Edgiest?  Most professional? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT! (photo: (Info:  National Today/link)MORE


Gilda Radner & Paul Walker Documentaries Coming Out Soon

    SNL fans, check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary on Gilda Radner. The film explores her career, married life to actor Gene Wilder, and her battle with cancer. What an incredible talent. Opens in theaters on September 21st. (source and Featured Image from Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing via YouTube) And here’s…MORE


Jane Fonda Says “9 to 5” Sequel Is Happening With Original Cast On Board!

You remember the 1980 flick, “9 to 5” starring Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin…right? Well, rumors have been flying that a sequel is in the works and the original cast (Jane, Dolly, and Lily) are all intending to be in the movie!  Turns out, Jane Fonda is one of the executive producers, working…MORE


Need Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets? Joni and Stu Got Ya Covered!

Needing Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets?  The show is Saturday, Aug. 4th and features a killer line-up!  Jamey Johnson, The Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, and Lynyrd Skynyrd!  You gotta be there! And this week, through Friday July 27th, remember the phrase:                          “10 and 4…MORE

village people

Top 20 Wedding Songs That Should Be Banned! I Don’t Agree With #9

    A recent poll asked Americans which wedding songs should be banned FOREVER! Here’s the Top 20, and I gotta say as a former mobile DJ, some of these songs are CLASSICS! See if you agree or disagree. 1.  “The Chicken Dance”  (yep, gotta go!) 2.  “The Cha-Cha Slide”  (why? this song has built in instructions!)…MORE

Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck Host Rocktoberfest Opening Night

Gene Simmons New Book About The “27 Club” To Be Released In October

Gene Simmons, the fire-breathing and blood-spitting bass player from KISS, has a new project in the works. A new book, ‘27: The Legend & Mythology of the 27 Club’, is set to be released coming up October 2nd.  It actually sounds pretty cool…..all about the group of musicians that make up the infamous “27 Club”. …MORE