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Indianapolis born and raised and a proud Pike High School grad! 


I am a die hard Indiana Pacers fan. My love for the team dates back to childhood. Our family had season tickets when the team started in Indy in the ABA days. Many of the Pacer greats lived in my neighborhood growing up including George McGinnis, Mel Daniels & Darnell Hillman (for the record, Darnell had the best candy when we went trick or treating as kids)


I studied fashion in college in Chicago. One of my dorm mates actually played a role in my path to radio. I was the only one who had a car & I would drive my friends around Chicago with music blaring – it was music I always handpicked and I took so much pride in it. One day my friend finally said “you should be a disc jockey on the radio” a lightbulb went off, I switched schools and graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Radio


I don’t have a green thumb. Plants don’t stand a chance with me. I’ve always wanted to plant a vegetable or fruit and have it thrive. Hasn’t happened yet. Suppose there is still time.


Dogs rock, live music rocks, kind people rock and you ROCK for listening to 104.5 WJJK all day and all night. 


Ever Gotten Busy At Work? You Know What I Mean By “Busy”, Right?

“Busy as a busy bee”….we’ve all heard that phrase.  Pertains to when you’re overwhelmed with things to do, stressed out, doing 101 things at once. But “busy” does have another definition….you know….romance, whoopee, gettin’ “busy”….and that’s what we’re looking at right now. When it comes to workplace romance, some say it’s taboo, not a good…MORE


Top TV Dads! Who’s #1 in Indiana?

First off:  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there this weekend!  Enjoy, relax, and enjoy a cold one….or two…or three….or….. And secondly, a recent nationwide survey was conducted on:  The Most Popular TV Dad In Each State. Jack Pearson, Jed Clampett, and even Homer Simpson made the list….What was Indiana’s top TV Dad? …MORE


Kids Not Only Say, They Draw The “Darndest” Things

If you’re a parent, there’s probably been a time when one of your children has said something, or repeated something that embarrassed you to no end!  Yeah, we’ve all been there! But, sometimes your kids will put on paper those embarrassing topics that you would like to keep “just between the family”….and sometimes that’s in…MORE


Could MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Be Going To Prison?

     I’m sure Conor McGregor wishes he could take back his moronic actions back on April 5th when he hurled a two wheel dolly at a bus carrying UFC fighters. Appearing before a judge, the fighter said, “I regret my actions that led me here today”.  As you’ll see in the video below from…MORE


“BeLIEve It or Not”?

Remember, every weekday around 1:25pm to join Stu for “BeLIEve It or Not”…. Pretty simple…Stu will have 3 random facts for ya…2 of those facts are true, and one is false.  Which is which?  Well, that’s where you and your co-workers come in, in other words, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.  Haha!…MORE

Wine here

Wine Flavored Water! Just In Time For Summer!

If you’re looking to stay hydrated this summer and you’re a wine lover…..have I got great news for you! A new wine-flavored water is going on sale in July.  It’s like bottled water, but it tastes like wine thanks to infusing wine grapes in it to add flavor. Any alcohol involved? Where can you get…MORE

Dippin Dots

Dippin’ Dots For Breakfast?

Remember, back in the late 80’s when Dippin’ Dots were invented and they were marketed as “the ice cream of the future”.  Well, it appears the future has been re-invented again and it involves breakfast. Dippin’ Dots cereal is here!  Yes, you can now enjoy your Dippin’ Dots in the morning with your eggs and…MORE

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The Most Powerful Stars In Comedy!

The “Hollywood Reporter” says that comedy is surging in popularity, so they’ve put together a list of the most powerful people in comedy. They say attendance at comedy clubs in the U.S. is up 20% since a decade ago, and top touring acts can pull in up to eight figures. There are 40 entries on the list,…MORE


Shop Lifter at Disney World Caught On Camera And It’s Not Human!

Shop lifting.  It happens everywhere.  And even Disney World, “the Happiest Place of Earth” is not immune to thieves. And recently, a gift shop at Disney World had an item shoplifted and the culprit was caught on tape red-handed!  And they’re still searching the trees in the area trying to catch the fuzzy-tailed bandit! CLICK…MORE


Longest Sneezing Fit Lasted 976 Days? Yes? Or BS?

Ah-choo!  Excuse me!   But, today’s “Yes or BS” statement has to do with sneezing!  Ah-choo! And our statement today, is:   The longest sneezing fit lasted 976 days. And that statement….ah-choo!…is a “YES”… A woman by the name of Donna Griffiths started sneezing on January 13th, 1981 and didn’t stop sneezing until September 16th, 1983.  JUST…MORE


Beaver Whiskey?

Don’t know if you’re a whiskey drinker or not, but how does “beaver” whiskey sound to ya?  Would you try it?  Better let me explain more before you answer…. The whiskey is flavored with a beaver secretion…..that comes from the castor sacs by the base of his tail!  Now, would you try it?  Little to…MORE


Watch: 8 Year Old Has Mad Drum Skills Pulling Off Led Zeppelin Classic!

     Even some seasoned, adult drummers struggle a bit with Led Zeppelin’s song “Good Times, Bad Times”. But young Yoyoka Soma has been playing the drums since she was just 2, and as you’ll see, Soma doesn’t miss a beat in playing the drum portion of this Zeppelin classic!   (video source: Yoyoka Soma/Vimeo)  (info source…MORE


Jim Gaffigan Tickets Up For Grabs In Noon Hour! Here’s How To Win!

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is coming to town in October!  He’ll be at the Murat Theatre at Old National Center on Oct. 26th, and you can be there! Stu has tickets all this week in the noon hour, but he’s not just giving them away!  Noooo!  You have to do 2 things to win these tickets:…MORE

Nude Bathers

New Addition To Guinness Book of World Records: “Largest Skinny Dip”

You know, there’s a lot of entries in the Guinness Book of World Records and a lot of crazy categories.  Such as:  most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime…most piercings in a lifetime…longest fingernails…longest moustache… on and so forth….CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF THOSE RECORDS! But, a new record has been added to Guinness,…MORE


Stu’s Top 5 ZZ Top Songs (Do You Agree?)

It’s almost here!  The BIGGEST party of the summer!  The WJJK “Summer Bash” with ZZ Top and John Fogerty!  Got your tickets yet?  If not, CLICK HERE and check out a special “Buy One Get One” offer! And the night will be hit, after hit, after hit with John Fogerty doing, not only CCR hits…MORE


How Well Do You Know ZZ Top? Take Our ‘True False Fan Quiz’!

    Ahead of tomorrow night’s WJJK Summer Bash featuring ZZ Top and John Fogerty, we thought we’d test your knowledge about the Texas Trio. See how many questions you can get right! Scroll down to the very bottom for the answers (no peaking!) By the way, BOGO tickets for our show are still available…MORE


Nothing Says Love This Father’s Day Like A Cheese Sculpture Of Your Dad!

    Father’s Day is this Sunday, so this year, go BIG! Give dear old dad a gift that shows your love for him and…cheese? Yes, Kraft is creating a five of these one of a kind cheese sculptures of dads around the world. You can place your bid here: . Deadline is 4:00 p.m. ET…MORE


Savor Midtown

Value priced 3-course meals being featured in Broadripple and So Bro thru Sunday, June 24th! Find the list of participating restaurants hereMORE


Who Are The 3 Famous Baseball Players Mentioned in “Centerfield”?

It’s almost here!  The WJJK “Summer Bash”!  It’s this Wednesday, June 13th at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center and you need to be there!  The “Blues and Bayous” Tour with ZZ Top and John Fogerty!  CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON HOW TO GET YOUR TICKETS! And how about a little “Summer Bash” trivia for ya….In…MORE


Own A Velociraptor From “Jurassic World”

I know all you “Sci Fi” fans are real excited about this post….I mean, the chance to own a velociraptor from Jurassic World!  But, unlike the movie….it’s not a real, live, breathing dinosaur (sorry), but it’s a full size replica that your friends would think is extremely cool and would “freak out your dog” big…MORE


Top Workplace “Perks” We Fantasize About Having

Perks at the workplace.  They’re nice because workers were asked how much of their life is consumed by work and the answer was 42%!  Yikes!  That’s almost half of our lives!   So, back to my first thought:  Perks at the workplace.  Since we spend so much time at work, it only makes sense to try…MORE


What You Can & Can’t Bring To This Week’s WJJK Summer Bash

    This Wednesday June 13th the WJJK Summer Bash at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center! ZZ Top and John Fogerty will rock the house and tickets are still available at . Here’s a list of items you CANNOT bring to the show: Weapons of any kind Alcohol Illegal drugs/substances Glass containers Cans Coolers…MORE


Greatest Beards In Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll.  Lotta great hair and a lotta great beards too!  Let’s focus on the beards right now. What rockers come to mind when you think beards? I mean, Jim Morrison from the Doors…..Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead…..Zakk Wylde has got to be on the list…..And if Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top isn’t…MORE


“Risque” Tapes? Tommy Lee’s Still At It! But You Won’t See These!

We’ve all seen…, OK, maybe not seen….but we’ve heard about the famous sex tape with Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson, right?  The famous boat adventure….. Well, Tommy and Pam have called it quits, Tommy has moved on, and is currently engaged to the beautiful and talented, Brittany Furlan. And the press recently asked Brittany if…MORE


Cat + Godzilla = “CatZilla” (Because You’ve Got Time To Waste, Right?)

This blog entry exists for NO other reason than:  It’s Friday.  You’re not doing anything.  Let’s look mindlessly at giant cats in various landscapes. Cat + Godzilla = Catzilla. CLICK HERE TO WASTE 5 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU’LL NEVER GET BACK, or you can always get back to work or look for something…MORE

Dolly Parton

What ZZ Top Song Inspired A Dolly Parton Movie?

ZZ Top and Dolly Parton…..Probably don’t use those two in the same sentence very often….right? But, there was a ZZ Top song that inspired a movie that Dolly Parton starred in.  Need some hints?  Here ya go:  The song is about a real town in Texas.   The song was off the album, Tres Hombres.…MORE


Gene Simmons Wants To Work With…Wait For It…Wait For It…ABBA!

Okay, I guess before we totally “freak out”….we should remember that there have been some pretty crazy collaborations and combinations that have worked in the past.  I mean Phil Collins with Phillip Bailey on “Easy Lover”…..Anthrax with Public Enemy….and don’t forget Alice Cooper and Kesha…And now it appears Gene Simmons is interesting in working with: …MORE


The Last Munchkin From “The Wizard of Oz” Has Passed Away 🙁

If you’re headed to the wonderful Land of Oz sometime this summer, you might notice there’s no one there to welcome you!  Jerry Maren, the last adult Munchkin in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” has passed away.  (Now, when I say adult Munchkins, it’s because there are some former child actors who portrayed Munchkins…MORE


Strangest Musician Items Sold At Auction (tooth, hair, underwear, and more)

Today’s Classic Hits Cafe Flashback:  It was today, back in 2001, Elton John sold 20 of his automobiles at an auction and made $2.75 million dollars!  The most expensive was a 1993 Jaguar that sold for approximately $330,000.00.  Why did he sell the vehicles?  Well, Elton said he simply “didn’t have time to drive them…MORE


Walmart Is Giving Everyone Free Pizza Today Just For Stopping By

Last year, Walmart tweaked the recipe for their brand of frozen pizza . . . and everyone HATED it.  So now, they’re switching back to the old recipe. And to celebrate, they’re giving out slices today . . . for free.  All you have to do is go to a Walmart and they’ll give you…MORE

Pennywise Cosplay

Wanna Join This “Clown” For Breakfast? Yikes!

Breakfast just got a lot more terrifying!  (You might want to go ahead and sleep in!) Your morning bowl of cereal will never be the same.  Stephen King’s “It” featuring the dancing clown, Pennywise, is going to be joining you for a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.   A line of horror-themed breakfast…MORE


What Beer Helped CCR Get Their Name?

Sometimes you wonder how a band comes up with a name?  What are the inspirations?  It can be pretty crazy sometimes….. And one of those names that is pretty interesting is:  Creedence Clearwater Revival. It’s actually the sum of 3 parts:  A friend, a beer, and a return after a 3 year hiatus! CLICK HERE…MORE

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl Pranks Crowd With “Fake” Stage Fall! See It Here!

You probably remember a few years back when Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters broke his leg in Sweden after falling off the stage. Well, the Foo Fighters were back in Sweden and they started the show with a “Dave Grohl Impersonator” coming out, waving to the fans, and falling from the stage. CLICK HERE…MORE

gerber baby wikimedia commons

The First Gerber Baby Poses with the Current One!

The very first Gerber Baby was Ann Turner Cook in 1928. She’s 91 years old now and just posed for a photo with the current Gerber Baby, Lucas. The cuteness factor is off the hook. Check it out hereMORE


Did You Know ZZ Top Was In The Movie: Back To The Future 3?

Have you ever seen the movie:  “Back To The Future 3”?  If yes, did the band performing in the bar look familiar?  Well, that was ZZ Top.  Yeah, they appeared in the movie as a square dance band.  And the good thing about “The Texas Trio” was that they didn’t need any make-up or costumes…they…MORE

Ratt here

Good News: Ratt Back On The Road. Bad News: Without Warren Demartini!

I remember reading the announcement a few weeks back:  Ratt to hit the road again in 2018. If you’re an 80’s fan like, yours truly, (and who isn’t, right?)  You were stoked!  You were excited!  And rightfully so!  But, now we’re hearing the news that Warren DeMartini is out!  The lead guitarist won’t be a…MORE