Laura Steele | 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Indianapolis born and raised and a proud Pike High School grad! 


I am a die hard Indiana Pacers fan. My love for the team dates back to childhood. Our family had season tickets when the team started in Indy in the ABA days. Many of the Pacer greats lived in my neighborhood growing up including George McGinnis, Mel Daniels & Darnell Hillman (for the record, Darnell had the best candy when we went trick or treating as kids)


I studied fashion in college in Chicago. One of my dorm mates actually played a role in my path to radio. I was the only one who had a car & I would drive my friends around Chicago with music blaring – it was music I always handpicked and I took so much pride in it. One day my friend finally said “you should be a disc jockey on the radio” a lightbulb went off, I switched schools and graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Radio


I don’t have a green thumb. Plants don’t stand a chance with me. I’ve always wanted to plant a vegetable or fruit and have it thrive. Hasn’t happened yet. Suppose there is still time.


Dogs rock, live music rocks, kind people rock and you ROCK for listening to 104.5 WJJK all day and all night.